Filmmaker Casper Boom has great passion for telling stories with film. Having had divers experiences with film in the field of production, lighting, camera, editing & directors work, gives Casper a wide range of skills.

He likes to work creatively and make films with an emphasis on authenticity/purity. Due to learned manners we often do not fully show ourselves, but rather how we want others to see us. But who are you? What moves you and what do you feel passionate about? For Casper, the focus is on capturing the totality of the subject and/or people, with its beauty, limitations, desires, goals, emotions and fears. To present an honest picture.

In addition to film, Casper focuses on consciousness development, discovering the logic of why everything is the way it is. By understanding why we do what we do, duality and our personality we can find peace with life. A peaceful togetherness is what he likes to realize. He integrates his discoveries into his work and shares his passion for raising awareness through creative projects, such as documentaries and campaigns, to inspire and help people gain insight.