What if illness takes over your life? Do we dare to reflect and look deeper into its cause? In this documentary, filmmaker Casper Boom explores how people, like himself, who were confronted with illness found physical healing by investigating their inner state. He takes you on a journey to discover how trauma shapes us, explore its effect on the body and how to free yourself of it, so healing can happen naturally from within. He speaks with different people who not only have found healing from illnesses that are known as incurable, but also experienced illness as a wake-up call to open them up to a fuller life. Discover how to decipher the message your body is sending, so you can find the gift of illness for yourself.


Films with a sense of wonder for life. What moves someone? What are our limits? What are someone’s passions? How can we realize what we deeply desire? Boom Studio makes commissioned films, documentaries and campaigns with a curious character.


Commission films with an emphasis on getting to know the beauty of the company/brand through the passion, intentions & goals of its employees.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


With the discoveries that filmmaker Casper Boom makes about how to realize paradise on earth, he makes documentaries and campaigns to provide insight into how we can transcend our personal and social problems.




Zeedrift (sea drift) is a 55 min. documentary about a group of Dutch friends who go sailing in Norway. Where they encounter waste even in more remote places. This makes them think about their own relationship with, and the use of, nature and, in particular, the mountains. Their goal is to ultimately have fun without harming the environment. They decide to try building skis that are as environmentally friendly as possible from the waste they find, to sail into the fjords, to walk up the mountains and to slide down on these skis. They set to work on the island of Hjertøya in the Midfjords. Different challenges come their way. How do you make something environmentally friendly? Especially if the resources are limited?
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TUMI Ghana is a non-profit organisation that creates sustainable income opportunities for underprivileged women in Kumasi, Ghana. Due to poverty and early motherhood, girls often do not have the chance to go to school. Lacking employable skills and a steady income, they struggle to feel any control over their own lives. At TUMI Ghana, they get the opportunity to learn a skill which allows them to earn their own income and empowers them to feel confident and in control.
Boom Studio has made several films to portray the work of Tumi Ghana.

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